Questioned Writing

Identifying the Writer:

Requests for examination of documents and the writing on the documents can be either through direct client contact or through an attorney. There is no charge for the initial consultation by phone or at my office.  If hired, a non-refundable retainer of $600 is required which covers 4 hours of work.  Additional hours are billed at $150.00 hour. If the case is potentially going to court, a contract itemizing fees for court preparation, testimony and any additional expenses will have to be signed.

Since circumstances vary considerably, details of each case will have to be discussed on an individual basis. Sufficient known standards will need to be gathered to be used for comparison with the writing in question. A list of places that such exemplars can be found will be provided if needed. Originals are preferred; however, if they are not available, clean and clear copies are also acceptable.

Anonymous Letters:

All information mentioned above also applies to identifying anonymous note writers. Letters and notes that are written anonymously include, but are not limited to such things as threatening and harassing statements, fraudulent mail, bomb threats, and shared scandalous personal information.

The collection of evidence is critical. It is recommended that that any and all potential evidence is immediately preserved in its original state and placed in protective covers when possible. Scandalous and/or harassing information can usually be handled in house. Appropriate law enforcement agencies should be notified for any information that includes death threats and/or any other threats that potentially put others’ lives in danger in some way. 

It is also imperative that you do not speak to anyone but those who need to be directly involved in the case. The suspect is, more than likely, in your immediate environment. Confidentiality is vital in situations such as these because there is a very strong possibility that the anonymous writer is observing your reactions.

Examination of anonymous evidence can be conducted on site in a quiet and protected area or can be brought back to my office.


A selected list of attorneys who have used my services are available upon request.