Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting as an art form:

Handwriting represents a complex neuromuscular activity originating in the brain. For this reason the act of writing can, more accurately, be referred to as “Brain-writing.” Regardless of the penmanship model taught, individual style surfaces from the moment a writing implement is introduced. Ownership is verified because no two writing styles are ever completely alike, not even when done by the same person.

Handwriting as a projective technique:

Writing is an expressive gesture that communicates both nonverbally and verbally. The interpretation of these messages ultimately determines an individual’s personality because handwriting is believed to be a manifestation of conscious and unconscious thought.

Empirical studies have been ongoing for hundreds of years in order to validate the connection between handwriting and personality. In the field of psychological testing, it is classified as a projective technique and has the potential for universal application when analyzing even foreign writing, symbols, scribbles, doodles and drawings.

In 1989 it was catalogued by the Library Bureau of Congress under, “Individual Psychology" with 3 subdivisions: 155.282 - Diagnostic Graphology,  262.2565 - Documentary Evidence and 658.3112 - Selection of Personnel by Management. 

Evaluations are nondiscriminatory because age, gender, race, religious beliefs or handedness cannot be detected. Also Handwriting Analysis does not detect the specific events of one’s life…past, present or future. The Supreme Court has deemed that handwriting analysis is within legal our constitutional rights based on the Fourth Amendment, “Search and Seizure Limitations” as long as the writing sample has been provided willingly.


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