Eileen Page has studied various aspects of the handwriting process for much of her life. Initially she was trained in the Palmer Method; then in college, she studied the many nuances of the penmanship process with Mr. Rinehart. Her almost 20 years as an elementary reading teacher allowed her to implement her handwriting training with innovative methodologies that focused primarily on legibility and emphasizing the development of one’s individual style rather than learning to just copy someone else’s pre-established model. 

Her interest in handwriting expanded into the personality profile area and became a Master Graphoanalyst and later a certified Graphologist. Eileen also has a Masters of Arts Degree in Critical and Creative Thinking from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Her thesis entitled, "Exploring Graphokinesics Critically and Creatively" was published by the International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS). In it she conducted a blind study on the potential connection between drawing and writing.

Eileen received a Certificate of Achievement from the World Association of Document Examiners. She has published research papers in field of anonymous letters and the connection between cursive and printed handwriting. Eileen has been deemed court qualified to testify as an expert witness. Refer to her Curriculum Vitae (CV) page for more detailed qualifications.

In order to stay current, Eileen researches and field tests various psychological theories, attends international handwriting conferences and remains an active member of various professional groups. She has been president of her state chapter and presently serves as the North East Regional Vice-president of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts. Eileen does handwriting analyses, lectures, has written several books and has created graduate courses that she teaches at off campus sites for Framingham State University.