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Eileen Page has studied various aspects of handwriting for much of her life. Even as a young child she developed a passion for penmanship and enjoyed her lessons using the Palmer Method. At college, she took a course with Mr. Rinehart himself; the course detailed the many nuances of his handwriting system. When she became an elementary reading teacher in1978, Eileen spent the next 18 years implementing her training. She presently uses those skills to tutor children and adults in how to master the art of penmanship.

After Eileen became a Master Graphoanalyst in1988, she continued to apply what she had learned as a handwriting analyst to help understand her studentís individual personality traits enabling her to be a more effective teacher.

In 1993, Eileen got her Masterís Degree. Her Masterís thesis included a blind study on the connection between writing and drawing. That research project motivated her to also explore the various meanings of scribbles, doodles and symbols. After retiring from teaching reading in 1996 she was able to diversify and pursue her passion full time. Over the years she has lectured, written several books, and created and taught college courses in penmanship, handwriting analysis, and other field related subjects.

In 1997, she began her studies in forensics which included such areas as potential forged, disguised, and anonymous writing. In 2002, after a six year residential training program, she received a Certificate of Achievement from the World Association of Document Examiners. Eileen has been deemed court qualified in Massachusetts. For a detailed list of qualifications, go to Eileenís Curriculum Vitae that is posted on the Questioned Writing page.

Areas of Specialization

  • Personality profiles
  • Lectures/in-service programs
  • Penmanship instruction/remediation
  • Credit/non-credit courses
  • Instructional texts
  • Questioned writing
  • Anonymous letters
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