Penmanship Instruction

Handwriting originates in the brain and travels down the neuromuscular system to the hand. Therefore, methodologies for teaching handwriting have to remain flexible and adaptable to each person’s physical, mental and emotional state. This is also why conforming to one particular penmanship model that requires tedious practices is often not the solution to a handwriting problem but rather the cause of it. Trying to continually master copying another’s handwriting style is unnatural and often very stressful for many.

Because we are not born with the ability to write, the instruction of letter forms is necessary. Since the main purpose of writing is to communicate, legibility is a paramount part of this instructional process. Legibility can be accomplished quickly, more easily and comfortably when a person is able to focus primarily his or her own handwriting style. Eileen’s approach promotes this concept in an innovative way. Eileen’s many years in education allowed her to continually validate her system while helping others learn to write…the average child or adult, as well as anyone with special needs or other limitations.   

Instruction and/or remediation sessions can be coordinated with grade level academic subjects and requirements. Ages can range from preschool to adulthood. Lessons can be held in my home or at a designated site if necessary with additional time and transportation expenses.

Text Requirement:   A Humanistic Approach to Penmanship, $20.00

Only one book needs to be purchased because it provides the parent of a child and/or the tutored adult with the instructional methods utilized during the lessons. All other materials will be provided by instructor.

Individual Tutoring Fees: 

  • $65.00 per hour                        

Group Tutoring Fees:             

  • 2 students - $40.00 per hour (per student)
  • 3-4 students - $30.00 per hour (per student)