Lectures & In-service Programs

Topics for all programs can be custom made to suit the needs and interests of the audience. Also available are "on the spot" handwriting analyses...a popular and fun way to liven up a gathering at small individual parties or large corporate events. Rates are reasonable and times are flexible. Expenses are extra and can vary greatly based on location.

Handwriting Chapters:

  1. The "Print-script" Personality
  2. Sensuousness and Sensuality
  3. What’s My line?
  4. I-dentity
  5. Looking Beyond Letters
  6. Sign In Please
  7. Children’s Penmanship Concerns
  8. The Paradox of Perfection
  9. The Impact of Ego and Vanity on Integrity
  10. A Study in Multiple Personality
  11. Enneagram Types and Handwriting Connections
  12. The Cruelty Continuum

General Public:    

  1. Relational Competence – “Getting to Know You”
  2. Self-measurement for Self-management
  3. The Quest for Perfection
  4. Social Response-ability
  5. “Stressed Out” – What Does It Really Mean?

Educational Programs:

  1. Developing the Personal Intelligences
  2. Penmanship Myths and Misconceptions
  3. “At-risk” Issues and Character Connections
  4.  Using Writing and Drawings to Detect Volatility
  5. The Effect of Stress on Learning and Well-being
  6. The Bully and the Bullied

Law Enforcement:

  1. Collecting and Preserving Handwritten Evidence
  2. Profiling Potential Violence in the At-Risk Personality
  3. Threatening and/or Harassing Anonymous Letters
  4. The Basics of Detecting Forgeries